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Leigh Goodwin – Assistant to the Director of Mission AOG GB

I have had opportunity to visit the work of Mandy Simpson in Sanpaul, Romania on two separate occasions. Mandy has a great passion to reach a marginalised and disadvantaged minority people group within this European nation, and she has built good levels of trust with this community by living among them, demonstrating the importance of incarnational mission approaches. She has shown this community the authenticity of her care and commitment through her endurance when things have not been easy. Mandy's ministry is based on a discipleship and mentoring model. She invests her time through increasing levels of practical skills with groups of women and also creating opportunities for young men to learn building trade skills. Partnering with Mandy's ministry in Sanpaul can create good missional engagement opportunities for local church teams. Ordinary believers with good practical skills and mentoring/coaching ability can be of great blessing to the ministry in Romania. Flights can easily and affordably be acquired to Cluj-Napoca in Romania from several departure points in the UK. 

Nestling in a valley not more than 20 miles North-west of the city of Cluj in Romania lies the villages of Sardu and Sanpaul where Empower International works in partnership with Corabia Foundation. Empower International has been working in Romania since 2014 and in the villages of Sardu and Sanpaul since 2017, helping people to help themselves. The heart of Empower International is to minister into the lives of the men, women and children of the Roma community along with the surrounding Romanian villages. It has been an honour and privilege to visit this great work for God’s kingdom and to see how those who seek to serve and share God’s love care so passionately about and love their local communities.

David Fiddy - AOG Pastor, Rock Community Church Devizes UK

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